About us

There must be someone who takes the first step.

Founded by group of chemists, Superbio deeply understands what plastic means for humans and nature. We appreciate the convenience plastics bring, but meanwhile are aghast of its environmental impact. That’s why our founder Dr. Cheng and his supervisor Dr. Ramani Narayan, the distinguished professor, the bioplastic pioneer and leader, devoted themselves to developing the perfect plastic substitute to lighten the Earth’s pollution burden. Our brand, Superbio, is here to take a big step for humanity to bring the best bioplastic products and bio material solutions to the world.

Since 2009, we collaborated with Dr. Ramani Narayan and various world-class bio material labs to improve the functionality and adaptability of bioplastics. Our products and solutions are loved and regularly used by many consumers, business partners, institutions and governments in fields of biodegradable and compostable bags, disposable tableware, packaging and more.

We took the technical steps, all our Earth needs is you to take your own step.

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