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The past and future of biodegradable plastic bag

Oct. 11, 2019

With the development of the economy, people's living standards have improved, purchasing power has increased, and the number of shopping bags used for shopping has increased. However, have you found out where these shopping bags go? Shopping bags are often thrown into garbage bins as garbage bags, and then disposed of from the community to the community garbage station to the secondary garbage transfer center through landfill, incineration, and composting. However, in either case, the environment is polluted for ordinary plastic shopping bags.

Degradation technology has been developed in China for several decades. There have been many kinds of nominal degradation technologies in China. People seem to be familiar with the degradation products, but few people know how the biodegradable plastic bags are produced. How is it degraded? Today's biodegradable bag supplier take you through the whole process of degradable products from nothing to nothing.

Degradable technology can accelerate the degradation of polyethylene plastics, which would have been in the natural world for hundreds of years to be degraded, in a few years, through light/thermal oxidation and environmental microbes, without changing the performance of the original plastic products. For water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, return to the ecological circle and achieve complete degradation, that is to say it is environmentally friendly.

Since the base material of the product is made of polyethylene, and the base material for degradation of the masterbatch is also made of polyethylene, the density of the biodegradable plastic bag products produced by the owner of the degradable plastic bag is similar to that of ordinary plastic products, and the mechanical tensile force, load bearing capacity and transparency. The aspects are higher than the national standards, and also superior to ordinary plastic bags. Because the product is a degradable product, in order to maintain stable degradation performance, it is necessary to use a new polyethylene material with the same stable performance in the production process, and it is strictly forbidden to add the return material. It is well known that the source of the recycled material is complicated and unclean, and since it is used Recycling and recycling are difficult to control in terms of performance. Therefore, the company's degradable plastic bag products are all made of new polyethylene materials, which not only ensures the normal use performance, but also ensures the control of degradation.

The past and future of biodegradable plastic bag

Customized Biodegradable Vegetable Fruits Bag

Since it is a degradable plastic bag, it must be said that its degradation performance. The degradation process of the double-degradation technology product is mainly divided into two major steps. The first step of the product is stimulated by the conditions of light, heat and oxygen in the natural environment after being discarded. The photo/thermal oxygen degradation is apparently broken, cracked, and the tensile force is decreased. The internal long-chain polyethylene is broken, the molecular weight is lowered, and an oxygen-containing carbonyl group appears in the structure. This is the material that is broken and pulverized. It is not a polyethylene in the true sense. It causes a change in structure and a change in molecular weight. It has become an oxygen-containing oligomer. In the second step, the product can be decomposed by the environmental microorganisms in the natural environment. Water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter. Because microorganisms can use substances with a molecular weight of 10,000 or less, after the first step of degradation in the previous stage, the molecular weight of the product drops to less than 10,000, and the hydrophobicity becomes hydrophilic, the surface can adhere to the growth of microorganisms, and itself is a carbon source, so it can be microbes. Decompose and return to nature.

Environment and life coexist, and environmental protection and health are at the same time. As ordinary people, our living environment is especially important for us. We should make a contribution to environmental protection and use eco-plastic degradation technology when using plastic products.Our company specializes in the production of biodegradable bag. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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