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What are the Advantages of Biodegradable Bags?

Feb. 24, 2020

Biodegradable bag supplier: to share with you: biodegradable raw materials are polylactic acid (PLA), aliphatic aromatic copolyesters (PBAT), corn starch modified materials (CS), all belong to the natural environment Friendly materials, which can be completely degraded, are recognized as biodegradable materials.

Non-woven bags are generally favored. Non-woven bags are strong and can be used repeatedly. The advantage is that they are suitable for all ages. In the interview, most citizens tend to this. "There are so beautifully designed cloth bags that young people will be willing to take when shopping. Even if they are not shopping, they are suitable for business, visiting friends and other venues. They are suitable when folded when not in use, and they are definitely welcomed by office workers. In the interview, some elderly consumers did not require so many bags. Instead, they paid much attention to the question of how much the environmentally-friendly shopping bags provided by the mall were not strong and how many times they could be reused.

Custom Biodegradable Trash Bag

Custom Biodegradable Trash Bag

1. Material problem 1. BOPP / PE material: After heat-sealing, the bag is found to have insufficient flatness, softness, and wrinkles when the temperature is slightly higher. Reason: The material we choose BOPP / PE is soft and lacks hardness. Therefore, the flatness is not good enough and affects the overall effect of the bag! The solution is to add a one-layer PET film with good flatness and a certain hardness in the middle. If you are worried about the problem of material preparation, you can directly find a packaging bag manufacturer with production experience.-General problems, they all have rich solutions.

The non-woven packaging bag has the following four characteristics: First, the economy starts from the release of the plastic limit order, and the plastic bag gradually withdraws from the packaging market. Non-woven packaging bags can not only be used repeatedly, but also can be printed with graphics and advertisements on them. The repeated use has a low loss rate, which can not only save costs, but also bring good economic benefits. 2. Tightness The traditional shopping bag is light in material and easy to break, which saves costs. In order to make it stronger, it costs money. The non-woven packaging bag solves this problem. It has good toughness and is not easy to break. In addition to its firmness, it also has the characteristics of waterproof, good feel and good appearance, and its service life is relatively long.

Garbage bags play an indispensable role in our lives and bring a lot of convenience to our daily lives. How to solve the plastic environmental pollution brought by garbage bags while using garbage bags? In fact, there is a choice of the best of both worlds-a custom biodegradable trash bag. Domestic garbage is a by-product of human life. With the rapid development of society and economy and the high concentration of urban population, the production of domestic garbage is gradually increasing, so the use of garbage bags is also increasing. The main components of plastic are refined from petroleum, and it will take about 200 years for the garbage bag to be degraded and cause serious pollution to the soil environment; if incineration is used, harmful smoke will be generated And harmful gases, long-term pollution of the environment, due to the large amount of use, resulting in more serious environmental pollution.

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