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Research and Application Progress of Biodegradable Polymer Materials (Part 3)

Apr. 13, 2020

 3.2 Biodegradation analysis of PVC materials

PVC material is one of the five common plastic materials. It accounts for a large proportion. The chemical properties of PVC materials are stable. It has good moldability and high insulation performance. But the disadvantage is that the heat resistance and light receiving performance of PVC materials are not good. When the temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius, it will release hydrogen sulfide substances, causing the material to change color. PVC materials are usually used as materials for water pipes, cables and pipelines, etc. Its dosage is only lower than that of PE materials, but its waste quality will pollute the ecological environment.

3.3 Biodegradation analysis of PLA materials

PLA is a straight-chain family polyester synthesized with lactic acid as the main raw material. It has good biodegradability and good biocompatibility. It can be used as a material for medical infusion lines, without removing surgical wires, etc. It does not produce toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides and thiocyanates. PLA has sufficient raw materials and can be produced manually. In actual production, we can use starch to make lactic acid, which is then synthesized into PLA material. It can be fully degraded in nature, and the degradation products will not cause secondary or secondary pollution to the environment, forming carbon dioxide and water. However, the specific degradation process of PLA materials is still unclear and needs further study.

3.4 Biodegradation analysis of PEG materials

PEG is a good water-soluble organic compound. It is often used in textile industry, chemical industry and other industries. It is not easily degraded in nature and is one of the important water pollutants. Through a large number of experiments, it was found that the polylactic acid polyglycolic acid copolymer was blended with polyethylene glycol succinate and polyethylene glycol to prepare a drug carrier. DSC detection showed that the various components of the blend system had good compatibility. The drug release process is affected by affecting the hydrophobicity of the surface of the carrier particles. However, at present, the natural degradation properties of PEG materials cannot be significantly improved, and more research is needed.

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