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Problems related to biodegradable plastics

Dec. 16, 2019

Although there are many studies and reports on degradable plastics, many specific problems cannot be solved, and the promotion is extremely difficult, and the outlook is not optimistic. The reasons are: one is that the degradable plastic bag has a low load-bearing capacity and cannot meet the requirements of customers to load more and be used repeatedly; the other is that the biodegradable plastic bag has a dull yellow color and low transparency, which gives people a feeling of lack of cleanliness and unsightly , Don't worry about it; third, the price is on the high side, because the merchant is giving away for free, so the cost is difficult to accept.

Another example is to solve the environmental pollution problem of EPS fast food lunch boxes. Try to use paper lunch boxes or degradable plastic lunch boxes instead. However, due to the following reasons, it is extremely difficult to promote: first, the high strength, light weight, and good thermal insulation of EPS; second, the price of paper lunch boxes is 1.5 to 2.5 times that of EPS; third, even if degraded PP lunch boxes are used, their performance is not as good as On EPS. Chinese authorities require the use of biodegradable foam to make disposable tableware instead of EPS. However, due to the use of high-molecular-weight thermosols in the molding process of such plant fiber tableware, there are still problems in handling and control of pesticide content remaining in plant fiber tableware.

Therefore, there is still a long way to go to develop and research degradable plastics. The development of the biodegradable plastic industry is facing five major problems.

The first is that the technology is not mature enough, and the performance of degradable plastic products cannot fully meet various consumer needs. Although there are many kinds of biodegradable plastics on the market, the mechanical and processing properties of each material are only outstanding in one aspect, and the comprehensive performance still has one or another deficiency. At present, domestic research on the processing of degradable plastic products is still weak. Most companies focus on material synthesis and ignore product processing and development. Some food and beverage utensils made of biodegradable plastics are resistant to heat, water and machinery. In terms of strength, it is far from traditional plastic products.

The second issue is cost. The price of biodegradable plastic products is still difficult to compete with petroleum-based products, which requires continuous reduction of production costs and product prices through technological progress.

Biodegradable Trash Bag

Biodegradable Trash Bag

The third is the lack of strong policies or laws and regulations. In foreign countries, the government supports the development of the biodegradable plastic industry through the establishment of special development funds, tax incentives and other policies. At present, China's support in this area has gradually strengthened, and macro policy support has become more and more. development of.

The fourth is the problem of insufficient funds and financing of enterprises. The scale of China's biodegradable plastic companies is not large enough, and the payback cycle of the biodegradable plastic industry has exceeded the expected design, which has caused problems of insufficient funds and difficult financing for enterprises.

Fifth, the evaluation system is not yet complete. Biodegradable plastics are an emerging industry. After many materials and products were developed, they did not have their own product standards, which caused many inconveniences and disputes to trade. Although China early established a working group on biomass and biodegradable plastics by the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Plastic Products, the National Standards Committee also established a national standard-setting organization for biobased materials and degradable plastics in 2008. However, due to insufficient funding support, related work slow progress.

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