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Green biodegradable packaging is becoming a trend

Aug. 16, 2019

Green biodegradable packaging is becoming a trend shared the biodegradable bag supplier.

With the continuous progress of people's requirements for quality of life and food safety, more and more requirements and higher standards have been put forward for the compliance of food packaging. In this case, countries used for food packaging plastic film new types of development is also very vivid, in order to maximize the limitations of the satisfaction of the characteristics of the market demand. At present, the development trend of the newly developed plastic packaging film at home and abroad is towards the direction of high performance, non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection, good quality and low price, convenient to use. The soft packaging materials have been developed from food packaging in the past to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other non-food packaging fields.

It is understood that although the use of green honeycomb paperboard and the custom biodegradable bag have  become a major trend, and the disappearance of EPS foam material, I'm afraid it still takes some time.

In recent years, the global blow up low carbon environmental protection storm has spread to the packaging field. EPS foamed plastic is polystyrene (EPS), which is a mixture of resin and physical foaming agent and other additives. In recent years, even though freon has been replaced by butane in the foaming process, the residual butane in the foaming process still has adverse effects on the environment and workers' health. Therefore, the European Union and other countries and regions have successively set strict restrictions and regulations on wooden pallet, wooden packing boxes, EPS foamed plastic and adhesive, printing ink, paint and other packaging materials, auxiliary materials and packaging waste. Among them, the prohibition of using EPS foam plastic liners has forced Chinese enterprises to eliminate foam plastic in the packaging of export home appliances products, and use environmental protection liners such as honeycomb cardboard.

custom biodegradable bag

Biodegradable Drawstring Bag

According to statistics, the annual consumption of EPS foam plastic packaging industry in China exceeds 100 million cubic meters, the economic value of about 30 to 40 billion yuan; At the same time, the use of a ton of honeycomb cardboard can reduce the physical material consumption of about 40 cubic meters, to China's annual wood consumption of 100 million cubic meters, if 20% of them are replaced by honeycomb material, save 20 million cubic meters of wood.

Environmental protection has been the general trend of the packaging industry, green packaging is the development trend of the whole packaging industry, dairy packaging due to its wide use is the first requirement, dairy packaging continues to develop in the direction of "4R 1D", that is, low consumption, low quantity, reuse, recycling and degradable direction. The greening of dairy packaging boxes should be reflected in the whole process, from raw material manufacturing to recycling, every link should be energy saving, material saving, efficient and harmless.

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