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Eco-friendly Polymer Materials

Jul. 13, 2020

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Naturally degradable polymer materials

According to American ASTM requirements, eco-friendly polymer products are specified as: under particular conditions as well as within a particular period of time, they can be weakened by bacteria (bacteria, fungi, mold, algae, etc.) or their secretions under the action of enzyme or chemical disintegration Polymer materials, also known as eco-friendly ecological polymer materials.


Destruction device

Biophysical deterioration: After the bacteria deteriorate the polymer, the polymer product is mechanically harmed as a result of the enlargement of the cell;

Biochemical degradation: Under the direct activity of biological enzymes, microorganisms erode macromolecular chains and also create high polymer bosom. Typically, biochemical destruction experiences two procedures: initially, microbes secrete hydrolytic enzymes in vitro to bind to the surface area of the material, and also cleave the polymer chain by hydrolysis to generate little molecular substances (organic acids, esters, etc.) with a molecular mass of less than 500; after that, The deterioration products are taken right into the body by microorganisms, as well as after different metabolic courses, they are synthesized right into microbial compounds or converted into power for microbial task, as well as ultimately are exchanged H2O as well as CO2;

Microorganisms connect with polymers to form brand-new compounds.

Polymer biodegradation is not a single mechanism, but a complex biophysical and also a biochemical collaborating physicochemical procedure that promotes each other.



Microbial artificial polymer materials

In a setting that manages life nutrients such as nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and mineral ions, particular microorganisms produce big quantities of naturally degradable aliphatic polyester throughout fermentation. For example Alcaligenes eutropha can utilize fructose as a carbon source to generate PHB (poly-3-carboxybutyrate). In the 1970s, the British company ICI initially developed the hydroxybutyrate-hydroxyvalerate copolymer (PHB-HV) Biopol product, which can be made into films, paper coatings, or lathered for food product packaging And containers.

Chemical synthesis of naturally degradable polymer materials

Japan Showa Polymer Firm created polybutylene succinic acid (PBS) and polybutylene succinic acid-adipate (PBSA) from the dehydration polymerization of diol and diacid; the United States Union Carbide Company utilized polycaprolactone (PCL)) Created an item called "Tone" for basic materials; Japan's Showa Polymer Company has actually likewise developed a similar product, called Bionolle, which has actually been utilized to produce packaging containers as well as movies.

Recently, one of the most energetic degradable polymer material worldwide has actually been polylactic acid (PLA). Currently, there are only five PLA resins sold on the global market: CPLA, a product of Dainippon Ink and Chemical Business; and also LACEA, a product of Mitsui Chemical Business; LACTY from Shimadzu, Japan; Ecopla from Cargill Dow; Heplon from Chronopol, UNITED STATES.

Natural polymer synthetic materials

All-natural polymers such as cellulose, starch, chitin, as well as healthy protein are abundant in natural resources. The items of such all-natural development and also all-natural decay are completely non-toxic, but a lot of them are not thermoplastic, difficult to process, and also bad in water resistance, and frequently can not be used alone. It is typically blended with chemically manufactured naturally degradable polymer products to make polymer alloys, or it is enhanced to make it processable.

Surgical suture

Products for agriculture, yards, civil engineering, etc

. Decoration, living, hygiene, various items, medical products


Analysis approach

Today, the American Material Test Criterion (ASTM) is primarily taken on as the requirement technique internationally. Some clinical study organizations generally assess the biodegradability of biodegradable polymer materials with some biochemical as well as microbiological experimental techniques. Such as field environment test, ecological microbial examination, specific microbial erosion test, artificial insemination test of specific isolated enzymes, in vitro deterioration test of eco-friendly polymer body built-in materials, and so on



The biodegradable veggie bag is still in the stage of continual growth as well as has wide prospects. Its application is of fantastic significance for easing ecological pressure and also minimizing the oil source dilemma. Nevertheless, its high cost restricts its growth. The main difficulties in the future are expense reduction, adjustment of products as well as improvement of products.

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