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Classification and Application of Biodegradable Polymer Materials (Part 2)

Jun. 15, 2020

2 Application of biodegradable polymer materials

2.1 Industrial field

Generally, the biodegradable polymer materials that people know are used in industrial manufacturing, which will be integrated into the manufacture of leather or fiber products. This kind of polymer material can make artificial leather more natural leather after artificial treatment, which promotes this kind of product to have higher cost performance. After the biodegradable polymer material is incorporated, the leather will be more resistant to high temperatures and also play a waterproof role. After research by researchers on biodegradable polymer materials, many manufacturing companies in China have used them in product packaging. As long as they undergo different forms of technical processing, polymer materials will be formed into different forms of packaging. It is understood that a company in Japan has used this polymer for biodegradable properties in the packaging of oxygen-isolated products.

2.2 Agriculture

Plastic not only occupies the manufacturing of disposable tableware in the packaging and catering industries, but its use in agriculture is also huge. Therefore, biodegradable polymer materials are also widely used in agriculture. Biodegradable polymer materials have the characteristics of being completely degradable, so they can be organically degraded to form a compound fertilizer under appropriate conditions. This compound fertilizer is more effective than ordinary fertilizers. It not only promotes plant growth, And it can also improve the soil environment, that is, not only to make contemporary plants grow well but also to make the next generation plants grow well. China is a big agricultural country. The annual consumption of agricultural film, mulch film, plastic wrap for agricultural and sideline products, and fertilizer bags are very huge. Previously, non-degradable plastics were used. If they are replaced with biodegradable polymer materials, Not only can solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also conducive to the growth of plants, and more recycling.

2.3 Pharmaceutical field

In the field of medicine, biodegradable polymer materials have been widely used. The use of polymer-drug sustained-release materials can effectively control the medical dosage of drugs and can improve the stability and utilization of drugs while reducing the toxic and side effects of drugs. The use of such drugs can play a role in reducing patient pain and repairing the patient's matrix tissue. Compared with non-degradable drug dilution systems, biodegradable drug dilution systems are less dependent on the properties of the drug, enabling the selection of drug packaging volume and geometry over a larger range. At the same time, the slow-release efficiency of the degradable dilution system can be kept constant, can reach the zero-order release mode, and can meet the release requirements of unstable drugs. Treating the biodegradable material as a drug carrier and implanting the drug during the surgery can reduce the pain of the patient and the trouble and pain of using the surgery to take out the long-acting drug. In the surgical operation, the use of surgical suture made of collagen and polylactic acid can automatically degrade the surgical thread after the wound is healed, so it can avoid the pain caused by postoperative suture removal. Using biodegradable materials to make surgical sutures can make the sutures have higher strength and toughness, and can better integrate with tissues. The study found that the use of chitin-supported surgical thread has good mechanical properties and good tensile strength in pancreatic juice and bile. In addition, the use of biodegradable polymer materials can also make bone fixation plates and bone nails and other surgical tools. In the field of tissue regeneration research, some researchers have used lactic acid, polyglycolide, copolymers of polylactic acid and glycolide for liver regeneration, and obtained liver tissue with good biocompatibility.

3 Conclusion

In summary, there are many classifications of biodegradable polymer materials; and its application fields are mainly packaging, catering, agriculture, and medicine. Among them, the application of medicine is mainly reflected in the controlled release of drugs and intraosseous firm devices. Replacing biodegradable polymer materials with plastics is a great chance that can alleviate the problem of white pollution on the planet and also contribute to the healthy life of human beings. We are the Biodegradable T-shirt Bag supplier, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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